Newsletter – January 2019

Happy New Year to all!

Last year was an exceptionally good year for us, as it was the year that our efforts in high quality organic wine making started to come into fruition. In 2018 we released into the market our wild fermented organic white wine under the name Theotoky Cuvée Spéciale Bio 2017.

The reception of the wine was very positive from the first time that it was introduced to the public in February 2018. Thus we decided to try our chances in the Global Wine Awards 2018, which took place in Las Vegas, U.S.A. in July 2018, and we were proven right as our wine was awarded the Bronze medal for its quality among hundreds of other participating wines.

This achievement however has not been the end goal for us. This is only a motive for us to try to further improve our wines. So from 2019 onwards we decided that we will not only employ organic production methods, but biodynamic methods as well.

Biodynamic agriculture goes beyond ‘organic’. It views the farm as a closed ecosystem, where nothing should be brought in from outside, and nothing wasted. It also strives for a wide diversity of plant, animal and insect life in the soil.

While organic farming bans the use of chemical products, biodynamics goes further, for instance specific plants that fix nitrogen to enrich the soil are planted within the vine rows.
The natural wild yeasts (also called indigenous yeasts) are mandatory in the vinification.

Although biodynamic agriculture is more labor intensive than conventional farming methods, because it requires more attention to detail, and although the biodynamic farming system is associated with a lower yield per acre (of 20–30%) if compared to conventional technique, we feel that in a world of globalization of the tastes, this technique should express better the terroir and enhance the flavor of the wine.

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