Following the success of the THEOTOKY Cuvée Spéciale 2017 (Bio Dry), which won the bronze award at the Las Vegas Global Wine Awards in 2018, it gives us
great joy and pride to announce that our Estate has won two awards at the BerlinInternational Wine Awards 2020.

Organic Winery of the Year – Greece
THEOTOKY Rosé 2018 (Bio) – Bronze Award


As the new summer season is about to start, the new vintage is being bottled. After a very successful 2017 vintage year, we were very fortunate to follow that success with the 2018 vintage.

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Happy New Year to all!

Last year was an exceptionally good year for us, as it was the year that our efforts in high quality organic wine making started to come into fruition. In 2018 we released into the market our wild fermented organic white wine under the name Theotoky Cuvée Spéciale Bio 2017. Read More

January 2017

Happy New Year!

Another fruitful year has passed, and a very promising year is about to begin!

Over the past few years, people’s interest in fine wines has increased significantly. More and more people are now looking to explore beyond mainstream wine flavors, and seeknew high quality tasting experiences. At the Theotoky Estate, we have always had quality as our utmost priority. We are very proud to announce that after three years of detailed inspection and review of our production methods, we will be distributing our first vintage of certified organic wine, following our first certified organic olive oil production of 2015. Read More