Olive oil

The Island of Corfu is famed for its delicious olives. The Island is said to have some four million olive trees, some more than 500 years old. During the four hundred years of Venetian Rule, the Corfiots were paid to plant and cultivate olive trees, replacing the old trees with new vigorous olive groves that flourished in Corfu's lush climate.

Olive Oil 2023

A few words about the product

The Theotoky extra virgin olive oil is a limited production, organic, early harvested, awarded the Health Claim due to its high phenolic content, it has won several international and highly rated awards. It is very aromatic.

Cultivation and production process.

  • Natural fertilization is made by cows, horses, donkeys, and sheep that freely breed around the trees.
  • We grow some nitrogen-fixing plants in some parcels of our property.
  • We also use some permaculture techniques like contour lines¬† to keep the water around the trees and prevent erosion.
  • The olives are hand-picked, selected, and cold extracted in our centrifuge at the Estate. The centrifuge is closed, and the air does not encounter the paste, so it doesn’t oxidize.
  • Picking is done from October to December, the early harvest period.
  • In the early harvest process, the yield is very low because the olives are not fully ripe. The yield is also very low because our LIANOLIA olives are very small.
  • Some of our trees are very old and the picking process is not so easy as they are tall.

Organoleptic characteristics

Our oil is pungent and a little bitter confirming it has been harvested early. It is medium fruity, and its lush aromas are those of the Lianolia variety.

The Theotoky EVOO won the Gold Dubai International award in 2022, the Gold award at the Athena International Competition and the Silver award at the London International Competition both in 2023.

It can be used daily in salad dressing, tartars, goat cheese topping, oil and lemon fish sauce, pizza dressing, bruschetta, fish roe salad, aubergine salad and also for cooking.

Health claim

Theotoky Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil has 543mg/kg total polyphenols therefore awarded the Health Claim confirming its high polyphenol quantity.  These polyphenols have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cardioprotective, and neuroprotective properties.

Olive Oil Analyses