Olive oil

The Island of Corfu is famed for its delicious olives. The Island is said to have some four million olive trees, some more than 500 years old. During the four hundred years of Venetian Rule, the Corfiots were paid to plant and cultivate olive trees, replacing the old trees with new vigorous olive groves that flourished in Corfu's lush climate.

On the Theotoky Estate, the olives are harvested by mechanical olive shakers that make them fall into fine nets laid out around the trees.

From here the olive harvest is transported directly to the Estate mill where the oil is extracted using modern cold press method.

Firstly, the olives are sieved and sorted in order to eliminate any unwanted leaves and twigs; then after thorough washing they are subjected to crushing with the use of state of the art crushers that ensure that the temperature during the grinding process is not increased. The Estate uses one of the few mills with a modern crushing process and a highly efficient ectraction process. This method ensures that the olives yield a maximum extraction whilst preserving the quality of the produced olive oil.

The second step is malaxing the olive paste. Malaxation is the process where the olive paste is mixed and churned for 25-45 minutes, in order to force the droplets of olive oil to separate more easily from the olive paste. This in turn gives time for essential enzymatic reactions to take place ensuring the delicious aroma and taste of the Theotoky olive oil.

After the malaxation, the olive paste is transferred into a state of the art decanter where with the use of a state of the art centrofugal machine the olive oil is separated from the rest of the olive paste.

This method is a perfect way to produce high quality olive oil. In addition it ensures that the acidity of the olive oil produced is extremely low and a critical element of the olive oil, its polyphenols, are preserved to highest degree. Virgin Olive Oil has an acidity rate under 2% whereas the Extra Virgin Oil has less than 0.9% acidity.

The superior quality of the Theotoky Estate Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which is the result of the production process described above, was recognized in the 2017 London International Olive Oil Competition, where it was awarded the Bronze Medal.